About Vibha Nanda

I am a self-taught painter and have been working as a sculptor for the past five years. Painting was always a passion for me, limited to being a hobby til' five years back. My training in ceramics started a process of discovery that catapulted me into honing the passion for colours on canvas. I am learning that this process of discovery is limitless. In that sense it is the most exciting part of this journey is what comes next.

In front of a blank canvas the chaos of the external environment transforms itself into hope. When I face the canvas, at times I feel like a mother nurturing her child. 

Being self taught the initial process has been very instinctive. Over time with training, studying, reading and disscussion has added to my confidence and repertoire.

My prefered medium in painting is Acrylics and MixedMedia and I like to work with bold textures. May be due to my working in ceramics I have started to think in three dimensions and so I give the 3D look to flat planes. 

What I find is that knowingly and at times unknowingly, I always draw circles, half or complete in my work. I don’t understand it yet, maybe its my fascination with the sun and the earth. I also tend to paint in forms which to me seem like mountains; they fascinate me.

When I start out on a piece of work I always start with a limited palette. I have two or three colours in mind. I tell myself, “today I will work with yellow and red” or “blue and green” or just “green”. Then I take it from there... like I said, it’s a journey for me… a trip. 

I use a lot of red in my compositions as I find red a color of unbridled passion. However as I work I find that the color of my choice is increasingly becoming yellow. It adds warmth where I sense coldness, it adds light where I sense darkness and used over red as a glaze it denotes to me, a burning passion. I find it very versatile, though I can almost never maintain its purity. I like to put yellow with other colors. 

When I feel that a piece has turned out really well I mean the composition feels complete to myself. When the work is in progress I worry about it, I fret. At times I can tell what the problem is right away, at times it's just a feeling that all is not right. Oh, the struggle! I consider it done only when the struggle finishes and I feel a sense of satisfaction, a sense of fulfillment... like a mother who enjoys her child in all its glory. 

Once the canvas is done I am very passionate about how to present my work. To me, the manner in which my work is framed and mounted is part of the process itself. So until this is done, to my satisfaction, I can’t get myself to put my name to it. 

On many occasions I have tried to plan my work, be it painting or ceramics. But somewhere in the middle something takes over and the discovery begins.

Do I understand it? No, I don’t.

Do I analyze it? Sure, I do.

The answers I get are intangible… a sense of peace, of wonder, of inspiration… of immense gratitude.